Bienvenue dans L'Atelier !!

As I never touched a hammer in my all life, I thought, rather than having the DIY craving onto my "Bucket List", maybe it would be better to just abandon myself to the guilty pleasure of the power tool ..
Well, don't hesitate to comment...


WorkBench Day 1

Hey.. First day... Some videos on YouTube, a bit of imagination and let's go !!
Well... WorkBench, most necessarry item in the workshop

Let's have a nice cold lager and think...

Enough for today... See you tomorrow...

WorkBench Day 2

Back for some other fittings..
First some music...

Cut / Drill...

Well... What about a break... See you tomorrow ..

WorkBench Day 3
Back to work ..

All done .. Included the shelving at the  back, which you can see here.. 
Geez.. That was Fun !!!
Great thanks to tbeckcal who really inspired this job.